Check out Leslie Tayne's recent appearance on TV!

Posted on Feb 22, 2013 by Leslie Tayne

I recently appeared on Money & Main$treet on Fios1 News Long Island. I was a guest on several episodes of the show's "CEO Sit-Down" segment. I gave businesses advice on how to manage their debt and credit.  The first three episodes recently aired! Check out the clips below.

Check out the first segment where I discuss how to manage debt as a business owner. Click here to watch!

In this next episode I talk about business and credit. I give useful tips for businesses on how to get credit and maintain it! Click here to watch!

In the final clip I discuss what it's like to be a female boss and what obstacles women generally have to overcome in the workplace. Click here to watch!

What questions do you have for me regarding your business and your businesses finance? Leave them in the comments below!