Conversations with Leslie: We Love What We Do!

Debt resolution and bankruptcy avoidance attorney


My job is so unique and I cherish the fact that I can give my clients something that very few people can – financial freedom and the tools for them to lead financially stable lives.  It really makes a difference when you work with someone who loves what they do… we have your best interests in mind and only want the best outcomes for you.   Our unique debt resolution program puts the financial needs of our clients first, and we work to get our clients the best outcomes we can.  We try and make the debt resolution process as stress-free as possible, we handle all the negotiating for our clients, so they  can get back to their lives.   Seeing the relief our clients feel as their accounts get settled and they begin transitioning to a debt free lifestyle makes all the hard work we do worthwhile.       Watch the final installment of the “Conversations with Leslie” series below.


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The Sandwich Generation: Not as delicious as it sounds…



With school about to begin,  so does a familiar morning routine.  And so does the craziness…


Does this sound like a familiar morning?  You just dropped the kids off at school, now you’re about to rush to work to finish a client presentation which is due promptly at noon. You get a phone call. It’s your mother asking you to bring her to the doctor right away, she isn’t feeling well.  This isn’t an atypical morning. You are just one in over 24 million Americans who represent the sandwich generation today.


So what exactly is the sandwich generation? “Sandwich Generation” is defined as Americans caring for an aging parent while simultaneously caring for their own children.


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Creative Ways to Gift your Grad!



It is graduation season and also National Candy Month!!  So why not incorporate a little sweetness into graduation gifts this year! These great ideas can will give you a creative display for your grad to enjoy –visually and literally!


A lot of people think money is a thoughtless gift, but in graduation season it might be the most useful gift you can give your recent grad.  Let’s face it: both students heading off to college and recent college grads need money and it doesn’t have to be given in an ordinary way—try one of these tips to make your gift look and taste as creative as you wish!



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Conversations with Leslie: Free Advice


This next video in my “Conversations with Leslie” series is titled free advice –because that is exactly what it is. Although a seemingly simple piece of advice, saying “no” is the biggest problem that most of my clients and prospective clients have. It is hard not to indulge in today’s society, and it becomes hard to say no to all those credit card offers, to say no to something you really want and feel you deserve and to say no to your family and your friends. Say no to that morning latte, bring lunch to work, eat out less, buy store brand products and learn to say no.

Saying no isn’t always easy—but once you begin to deny yourself and others luxuries you will see yourself heading down a better financial path. You will be able to create a budget which includes room for savings and emergency money, as well as money to help you get out of debt.

I am not saying don’t treat yourself! It’s time to cut back on things you don’t really need! But, I do encourage you to work some “me” money into your budget—this way you get to treat yourself while still staying within your means. 

Watch the video below and let me know what you need to or are starting to say no to.


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Conversations with Leslie: Financial Literacy

Leslie H. Tayne, Esq.

Happy Financially Literacy Month!  In case you didn’t know every April (since 2004) has been declared National Financial Literacy Month in the United States.   In honor of this month I wanted to talk a little bit about the importance of financial literacy.   Financial literacy is especially important for the youth of our nations, if finances are not taught early, they may not be able to understand finances when they grow up and become independent.  Yet it is important to continue these practices throughout your lifetime.  Not only should you be teaching your children about finances, you should be setting an example on how to handle finances, budgeting and money.

So to celebrate financial literacy try practicing some good financial habits today!  Balance your check book, check your credit report, create and follow a budget, and start taking steps to get out (and stay out) of debt! Try teaching your children some good money management skills too!  Check out my blog post “Break the cycle: Teach Your Children Money Management at an Early Age” for some tips on how to instill good financial habits in your children, grandchildren, nieces/nephews or any other youngsters!  Also, April 24th is National Teach Children to Save Day, so make sure to mark your calendar and think of a special way to spend the holiday with your younger family and friends!

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