How to Plan for Retirement at Any Stage of Life

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Retirement is a lifelong investment that ideally begins at the start of your career. However, it is never too early or too late to start planning and saving at any age, no matter what your circumstances are or the status of your financial situation. The first step in saving towards your retirement dreams is to become financially literate about retirement saving strategies. Then choose a plan that best suits your goals and get started. While there are different ways to approach retirement planning for each milestone of your career, you can and should start saving as soon as possible.

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Can Money Really Buy You Love?


Money may not necessarily buy you love but it certainly impacts how happily married you will be. Valentine’s Day is often a time devoted to showing love and appreciation for your significant other, but it also represents an opportunity to evaluate your relationship emotionally and financially.  I often suggest that you and your significant other use this day as a chance to strengthen your financial commitment to create a more stable and secure financial relationship. This is an act of true love.

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How much can you save by making your favorite smoothie at home?

Photo by Dana Robinson

According to the USDA the average cost of food per month for a family of four is $238.60.  It gets even pricier if you eat lunch out everyday instead of bringing lunch to work with you.  We know how much easier it is to just go out and buy something, but sometimes it pays to put in a little more effort!  We have recreated a popular summer lunch item for you and compared it to what the price you may for buying it premade.

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Debt Help Scams: Fact From Fiction

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If you are like anyone else looking for help with debt resolution you have likely read about or have been warned about debt help scams. A day doesn’t go by without a someone telling me about the most recent scam in a debt related resolution programs. It is true, no doubt there are scams but I write this with the hope that you the reader will benefit from hearing the reality of debt settlement and debt resolution programs from the horse’s mouth.

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