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How Single Moms Can Save Money On A Tight Budget


Single moms have plenty on their plates, even before worrying about money.  And raising children in a one-income household can make saving money difficult, especially on a tight budget.

When your schedule is hectic, you may opt for convenience – which usually means spending more. Making even the slightest adjustments in your daily activities can help save money and stress.

Buy in Bulk

Your family will run through certain items like paper towels and toilet paper before you can blink. Regardless of the size of your family, buying in bulk can be beneficial to save money. Stocking up on necessary items, especially those that don’t expire, will allow savings to rack up over time.

Plan Your Meals

Take time to plan out your meals for the week. Look through the grocery store sales and consider recipes that use ingredients on special. Consider stocking up on the on-sale items, making large quantities and freezing the leftovers. Additionally, packing lunches for you and your kids can be a great money-saving measure. Planning lunches and snacks ahead of time will prevent you from buying food out, which ends up costing more. Additionally, plan trips to the restaurant ahead of time. Limit yourself to a certain number of meals out per week or month. Doing so will allow you to save, and your kids will think of meals out as a special treat.


Much of being a mom includes carting the kids to sports practices, piano lessons or math tutoring. Doing so can eat up not only your time but your car’s gas, especially if you have multiple kids going different places. Chat with other parents involved in your children’s activities to see if anyone lives near you. Consider taking turns carpooling. You’ll save on gas and give yourself more time to accomplish other things.

Give An Allowance

Consider giving your children an allowance. Then, when you’re in the store, enforce using “their” money when they see something they want. Not only will this save you the headache of fighting with your kids in the store, but it will also allow you to limit how much you’re spending on unnecessary items.

Comparison Shop

Look around before you buy, particularly with big-ticket items like cars or electronics. If you have a rewards card for a particular store, see if they will price match if you see a lower price elsewhere.

Look For Cheap Activities

Check around your local community for free or cheap activities, including discount days at museums or amusement parks. Many kids’ events, such as craft fairs or live kids’ music, are free. Also, consider family bike rides or trips to the park as free entertainment options.

Cut Cable

Cable bills can be unreasonably astronomical. Plenty of children’s shows (and shows you like, too!) are available on streaming services. These services can cost you as little as $10 or $20 a month. Dropping cable can be one of the most effective and visible ways to save each month.

Make Your Savings Part Of Your Monthly Budget

Think of your savings account like a bill you have to pay every month. Prioritize your savings and work it into your monthly budget. If you feel comfortable, have money automatically transferred to your savings on a regular basis. This will help hold you accountable and make putting money away a habit.

Single moms are experts at juggling everything at once. And money is often one of the most difficult things to juggle. But taking a look at how you spend every day – and what you can adjust – can be key to saving. And when you’re saving money, that’s one more thing off your plate.

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