Is There a Judgment Against You? How to Find Out and What to Do

how to check if there's a judgment against you

When you borrow money from a lender or creditor, you are legally obligated to repay it. Therefore, if you are not holding up your end of the agreement, the lender or creditor can sue you. If the lender, creditor, or collection agency is successful in the lawsuit, it can result in a judgment against you. […]

Debt Collector Threatening to Serve Papers? Here’s What to Do

debt collector threatening to serve papers

If you’re in a financial hole, dealing with lenders or debt collectors can make an already difficult situation worse. If you have a debt collector threatening to serve papers if you don’t pay up immediately, you may be feeling terrified and desperate. But here’s the thing: debt collectors aren’t legally allowed to inform you of […]

How to Dispute Collections: A Step-By-Step Guide (+ Best Dispute Reasons)

black woman looking at bill frustrated

If you’ve found an error on your credit report, there is no reason to let it stay there. As a borrower, you are entitled by law to dispute any errors and have them removed, which can improve your credit score. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to dispute collections. Read it over to learn […]

How to Settle Credit Card Debt When a Lawsuit Has Been Filed

settle credit card debt when a lawsuit has been filed

A lawsuit from a creditor can be scary and stressful. However, with the right plan and attorney on your side, you can resolve your lawsuit and get out of credit card debt for good. One option to consider: debt settlement.  You might be wondering how to settle credit card debt when a lawsuit has been […]