Are Merchant Cash Advances Legal?

are merchant cash advances legal

As a business owner, the ability to borrow money is key to keeping your company running. Sometimes you need extra funds to buy inventory, pay employees, or simply remain cash flow positive.  One form of financing that has become popular is the merchant cash advance. These often come with relaxed credit requirements and fast funding […]

How Do I Stop Paying an MCA?

stop paying merchant cash advance

If you took out a merchant cash advance to cover business expenses, you might be regretting that decision now. MCAs are tricky agreements that can trap you in a cycle of debt if you aren’t careful. So if you’re struggling with MCA debt, you might be wondering if you can stop paying. Here’s what you […]

How To Remove Settled Accounts From Credit Reports

woman with head on hand thinking

Settling a debt has a major impact on your credit. In fact, you might find that your score went down after a debt settlement. So is it possible to have that settled account removed from your credit report? Below, we’ll look more closely at how debt settlement affects your credit and how to remove settled […]