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Debt consolidation plans involve combining your debts into one group creating one payment in order to pay off or resolve the majority of the debts.

There are so many programs and companies using the word debt consolidation it is understandable that there is some confusion. Debt consolidation can be a loan or it can be a program to pay off your debts by combining them. It’s a very general term and used to describe a lot of different programs. What we do here at Tayne Law Group is consolidate your payments but we do not consolidate your debts and make them into 1 single debt. Instead, we use your payments to negotiate a settlement with each creditor individually to get your total debt amount lowered and ultimately pay a portion of what was originally owed.

By getting started in our debt program, two good things will happen: You’ll have the chance to pay off your debts faster, and you’ll be able to do so while making lower monthly payments and not have to deal with your creditors any more directly.

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What People Have to Say

I just wanted to thank your entire staff at The Law Offices of Leslie H. Tayne, for helping me get out of debt. If it wasn’t for your firm, I would have never been able to resolve my $13k worth of debt in less than 3 years. Your staff did a great job, I was finally able to buy myself a brand new car without using a cosigner. I can’t tell you again how happy I am. I would recommend your services to anyone.

L.C. Client 2007-2009

I sleep like a baby at night now because of the work that you and your office have done. Rest assured that I will refer anyone I know to your office with conditions that are similarly circumstanced.

R.S. Client 2012-2014

You have been very helpful at first directing me in the right direction when I had no clue how to go about handling everything, I really appreciated all your advice and help and hope we can work something out. Thanks again for all your help and kind words, and patience.

D.M. Client 2009-2012

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