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Atlantic Credit and Finance

Have you received a collection letter in the mail or are receiving continuous phone calls from Atlantic Credit and Finance? Or worse, a collection lawsuit summons?

What do they want? Atlantic Credit and Finance, Inc states on their website that they are a “purchaser of distressed receivable.” This means that they buy debt and then try to collect on that debt. It is important to know that Atlantic Credit is NOT working for the original creditor but rather just a buyer of the debt. So before you consider making any payment or settlement with them, please keep that in mind.


Facts must be established that prove that you had a credit account, that you made certain charges, that you agreed to specific terms and conditions, that you defaulted on your scheduled payments and above all that Atlantic Credit has the right to sue you and collect on the alleged debt. This is a key. Atlantic has to prove that they now own your account. It’s not uncommon for debt collection agencies to collect on phony accounts. If you do recognize the debt account Atlantic Credit and Finance is contacting you about, make sure you know your rights before engaging in conversation about your debt. Call Tayne Law Group at 1-866-890-7337 and discuss your matter today!

Keep in mind they are debt collectors and calls are often recorded at debt collection agencies.


Can Atlantic Credit and Finance sue me?
Our firm has a great deal of experience in defending credit card collection cases. Having an attorney to protect your interests has become vital. It’s important to realize these are not matters that you should handle yourself. Being contacted by a debt collector can be overwhelming since they can be aggressive. Call Tayne Law Group at 1-866-890-7337 and discuss your matter today.


At Tayne Law Group, we know debt and we have settled with Atlantic Credit as well as many other debt collectors. For example, on a Best Buy account, the original balance was $4,005.40 and we settled for $1,001.35. Our client couldn’t be happier with this settlement saving them from possibly being sued and a lot of time and money!

Working with the right debt resolution law firm like Tayne Law will give you peace of mind that your debts are being handled in the best possible way. Call today for a free, no obligation debt help consultation and see what a difference a phone call can make. Call NOW and learn how easy it is 1-866-890-7337.

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