How to Balance Love and Money


There are no written rules on how to balance love and money.

However, whether you are married, dating, engaged, whatever the case, it is important to balance love and finance. You want to give your partner the world and make them happy – but that desire could lead to being unhappy if you get yourself into unwanted debt.

Here are a few ways you can learn to balance love and money in your relationship:

Mine Versus Yours

If you and your partner have joint and separate financial accounts, it is important to keep track of how you spend the money in your joint accounts.It is important to always communicate so you can be on the same page. Set spending limits for yourselves, contribution amounts each month and try to replenish when one of you takes from the account. It is also important to avoid pulling the “my money,” card. This will make your partner feel as if they are less than equal and lead to more problems in the future.

Avoid the Guilt Trip

It is important to not make your spouse feel guilty when it comes to money. If they make you feel guilty about spending/ not spending money on you then there will be tension. It is important to recognize if you cannot afford to give your partner what they desire and be able to effectively communicate that with them. Making your partner feel guilty will only put a wedge between you; use any opportunity to openly and effectively communicate your situation with them to ensure you have a mutual understanding.

Give What You Can

If you can afford to take them out to a nice dinner or get them the gift they want, then do it. As long as it does not compromise your financial health and fits into your budget, going the extra mile will make them feel loved and appreciated. They will remember times you did spoil them in times when you may not be able to afford to. This will help show them you are not being “cheap,” just that you simply cannot afford to fill their wants at that point in time.

Appreciate the Other

No matter how big or small your partner’s contributions are, appreciate them all equally. Money can be a sore subject and is a large reason many couples divorce. You should let your partner know their efforts are appreciated; this will go a long way in ensuring you are both happy in the long run. Whatever your partner brings to the table should not be belittled or anything along those lines. Your partner cannot help if they don’t make as much as you but they can still give everything they are financially capable of.

Money cannot buy happiness but it certainly can ruin it. Money can’t give you a companion and love can’t pay the bills, but together love and money can create one happy life. Need help learning how to properly budget? Have unwanted debt you need help managing? Give us a call today or leave a comment below.

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