Are you behind on payments with Kings Cash Group?

Merchant cash advances and business loans, like those from Kings Cash Group, can trap businesses in a non-stop debt cycle. At Tayne Law Group, we have decades of experience dealing with these kinds of loans made to businesses. We can help find a payment agreement between you and your creditor that works for your business.

Kings Cash Group claims to help small business owners with low credit scores get access to capital more easily and quickly than with a traditional bank loan. However, with direct funding options like this, falling behind on payments with companies like this can happen very easily. Then, you may feel as if you’re drowning in debt as you try to manage to repay the loan along with your other business expenses. You may also have had to take more loans to keep up with the loans you took in the first place.

Choosing an alternative to merchant cash advances, like the ones offered from Kings Cash Group, may be in the best interest of your business. Short-term business loans are often easier to qualify for than longer-term loans when you have less-than-stellar credit. However, these kinds of loans are what often jams small business owners. Small business lines of credit can also be an option if you have the credit. Lines of credit are preferable to merchant cash advances because the credit is revolving. Therefore, it’s there to take when you need more and has a much lower interest rate.

When you can’t meet the requirements for better lending options and the debt is beginning to pile up, it’s time to call the best resources you can find for help resolving the debt. Look for alternatives to bankruptcy that help your business renegotiate the debts.

The Tayne Law Group, P.C. team of debt help professionals understands what merchant cash advances, like those from Kings Cash Group, can do to a business’s cash flow. Additionally, Tayne Law Group knows how to restructure these loans to get them resolved once and for all. There is no obligation to make the call. We will work directly with you to find a solution that meets your budget needs and helps you get out of debt.

FAQs about Kings Cash Group

Q: What is Kings Cash Group?

A: Kings Cash Group, LLC is a nationwide company that claims to provide direct funding to small business owners with poor credit scores.


Q: Why would a business owner take out a merchant cash advances from Kings Cash Group?

A: The company claims to have a turnaround rate of 48 hours, as well as a high approval rating of most industries in all 50 states. Therefore, this makes the loans easy to get.


Q: How are merchant cash advances repaid to Kings Cash Group?

A: Business owners would repay the merchant cash advances through a percentage of their sales over time. Additionally, the company states that the repayment rate is based on the business’s three most recent bank statements. As a result, this is what makes the loan hard to pay back.


Q: Where is Kings Cash Group located?

A: 30 Broad Street, 12th Floor
New York, NY 10004

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