Is Joining a Gym Financially Sound?


A New Year means New Year’s resolutions; more often than not, most people have the same resolution: join a gym and get in shape. While working on your physical health is a great New Year’s resolution, the cost of a gym membership may not be so healthy for your finances.

On average, gym memberships cost around $40 per month and more often than not they go after the first few months (specifically, 67%). Unless you have an extra $800 laying around per year, getting a gym membership may not be the best option in terms of financial stability. Those numbers don’t even include the high costs of private exercise classes such as CrossFit or other group exercise classes. These classes are even harsher on one’s finances because they have an average cost of $100 per month.

If your goal is to start a new, healthy lifestyle while maintaining financial stability, here are a few helpful alternatives which will help you reach your goal but keep you from financial instability.

Workout Apps

For many, at-home workouts aren’t feasible because there are too many distractions or they feel like they don’t have enough motivation. Most don’t even consider the workout apps available on their phones, tablets, etc. These options are much more financially stable because their average cost is less than $20 per month; some apps are even free but have subscriptions for more features on the app. Workout apps are a much more financially stable option for those who are working out on a budget.

Subscription Boxes

At-home workout subscriptions have become increasingly popular because they often include workouts and other items such as pre-workout and healthy snacks. They also are great for those who easily get bored (a big factor for why people stop going to the gym). Certain companies even tailor boxes to what your fitness goal is (weight loss, muscle gain, maintain weight, etc.). Subscription boxes normally cost around $20-$30 per month. While they are still a little pricey, they are still a financially stable option because you are receiving items and workout routines tailored to your needs.

Invest in a Home Gym

If you can afford to, investing in a home gym is a more financially stable option than a gym membership. The $800- $1000 per year you spend adds up quick but may not be worth it if you don’t take full advantage and use every amenity your gym offers. If you find yourself in this situation, investing in a home gym is the way to go. You only pay for what you know you will use; while it may cost more than a gym membership at first, in the long-run, it will save you money because you won’t have to keep paying to use the equipment. This option is only financially stable for those who can afford to invest in workout-equipment; don’t strain your finances to create an at-home gym, the goal is to get fit while maintaining financial stability.


If you cannot financially afford either of the above options, then YouTube is the place for you. There are hundreds of free workout-videos ranging from yoga all the way to high-intensity cross-fit workouts. Most of these videos require minimal equipment and can be done right in your own living room, making them the most financially stable option.

Have more tips on how to get fit while remaining financially stable? Need help maintaining financial stability? Leave a comment below or give us a call today!

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