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Can a creditor garnish my paycheck?

If a judgment has been filed against you because of nonpayment of debt, it is possible that your creditor may garnish your pay check.

This is known as wage garnishment. Wage garnishment is one of the first methods debt collectors will likely go to collect on their debt.  If you have a job and wage garnishment is legal in your state it is the most dependable way for them to get paid. If it goes to wage garnishment, your employer will be notified. They will garnish a percentage of your wages (the maximum varies for state to state, visit your local attorney general to find out how much applies in your state) until the debt is repaid (usually with interest).

You can object to the wage attachment by requesting a court hearing. In some states, the attachment can’t begin until after the hearing, unless you give up your right to a hearing. In most states, however, as long as you have the opportunity to have your objection promptly considered, the attachment can take effect immediately. This means you will receive a notice and have an opportunity to respond then the wage garnishment can take effect. If you have received notice that your wages are going to be garnished or if you are afraid they may be garnished, contact a debt relief law firm for assistance.

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