How to Make Extra Money in Retirement

How would you like to add some extra money to your budget so you can enjoy the retired life, worry free?

While retirement should definitely be a time to spend relaxing and enjoying moments with family, it can’t hurt to make some extra money while doing so. By putting some extra cash in your pocket you limit yourself from digging into that retirement fund. Here are some ways to make extra money in retirement.

Sell Your Stuff

With all the extra time on your hands, why not clean out that attic, garage, or basement that have been piling up with old boxes filled with years of accumulated possessions. Consider selling anything from books to furniture online or even at a garage sale. Not only will you make some quick cash but you will also be cleaning up the clutter in your home!

Share Your Knowledge

Put your decade’s worth of knowledge and experience to good use by earning some extra money sharing it with others. Whether you are skilled in your previous field of work, a scratch golfer, or have a love for music, consider selling your services to those who are looking to learn. The possibilities here could be endless and if you enjoy something such as golf and music, why not get payed to play!


Writing can provide many opportunities for retirees to make extra money. There are many websites looking for blog writers as well as freelance writers. This is another chance for you to share your knowledge with others while generating an income. While blogging may require more time and maintenance to keep running, freelance writers can work on more of a loose schedule for different websites. Consider writing about the knowledge you gained through your career or maybe just a hobby you are skilled in.


Chances are your retirement years will be filled with babysitting your grandchildren.  While you may not charge for your services here, you can surely charge to babysit other children. Most parents of children are both working and there are plenty of families looking for babysitters. You may want to market yourself on or ask family friends if they could use your services. Babysitting can be a great way to put some extra cash in your pocket during your retirement years.

Get Creative

Since retirement is supposed to be about doing the things you love, why not make some money off of it! Whether you make crafts, love photography or enjoy painting, consider selling your masterpiece at a price worth your time. This can be a great way to spend your days while putting money in your pocket. Whatever your hobby may be, make sure it is something relaxing and won’t make you feel like your back at work.

Rent Out Part of Your Home

If you are someone who decides not to downsize, or you just have extra space, consider renting out part of your home. While you may have to put some money into your house to make a separate apartment, renting your home can mean a steady monthly income in your retirement years. That income can help cover most or even all of your monthly expenses and could go towards renovations to your section of the home!

Making extra money in retirement can help generate a steady income without having to wake up early and head to the office every day. Working at your own schedule can make it easy to make money while still enjoying the retired life. Just make sure you’re not overworking yourself! Do you plan on making some extra money in retirement? What do you plan on doing? Feel free to comment!

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