Are you being sued by Selip & Stylianou, LLP? Perhaps you already have a judgment entered against you that was handled by this law firm? If so, Tayne Law Group is exactly the type of help you’ve been looking for. Read on to learn more about Selip & Stylianou and what our experienced and dedicated attorneys can do for you.

Who Is Selip & Stylianou?

Selip & Stylianou, LLP, formerly known as Cohen & Slamowitz, LLP, a.k.a. The Law Offices of Cohen & Slamowitz, is a debt collection law firm that handles a high volume of debt collection accounts and lawsuits. Some of the many original creditors and/or debt buyers the firm currently represents throughout the various courts of New York include:

Although Selip & Stylianou is a law firm, it doesn’t mean that everyone you speak with at the firm is an attorney. In fact, in most instances, you’ll be speaking with a debt collection agent.

The contact information for Selip & Stylianou is as follows:

Selip & Stylianou, LLP
199 Crossways Park Dr.
Woodbury, NY 11797
Phone: (800) 293-6006
Fax: (516) 364-6607

Keep in mind, though, that debt collection firms typically record all their calls. Consider working with a debt resolution attorney to work with the firm on your behalf.

Is Selip & Stylianou Legitimate?

Yes, it’s a licensed law firm with licensed attorneys on staff. However, this does not mean that you do not have a valid legal defense to raise to any lawsuits they’ve filed. Each matter requires it’s own specific and detailed review.

Selip & Stylianou Complaints

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) received 16 complaints about Selip & Stylianou in 2019. The firm responded to all 16 in a timely manner and closed each one with an explanation. Complaint topics included:

If you believe Selip & Stylianou has violated your rights, you can report the agency to your state’s attorney general, the Federal Trade Commission, and the CFPB.

What to Do if You’re Being Sued by Selip & Stylianou

If you have received a Summons and Complaint from Selip & Stylianou, it’s in your best interest to work with an experienced debt resolution attorney. These documents are legitimate legal documents that require swift action. Failure to respond to the lawsuit will probably result in a default judgment being entered against you – and that can lead to wage garnishment, frozen bank accounts, and more.

Tayne Law Group can help you raise valid legal defenses to this lawsuit and/or possibly negotiate a settlement so you can protect your interests.

Our attorneys have more than 60 years of experience in debt resolution, and we’ve handled thousands of consumer law matters. Call us at 1-866-890-7337 to learn about your rights and get some help deciding your next steps. Our consultations are free, and we only charge low flat fees (i.e. no contingency rates) to save you as much money as possible.

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