College Graduates Should Follow These Tips


As college graduates leave their respected schools this spring, many will be faced with some fear or worries as they enter the real world.

From dealing with their student loan debt to finding the right job when they graduate, there can certainly be some challenging transitions. But these transitions can also be rewarding. So, for all the new college graduates out there, here are some tips to make these transitions a bit easier!

Create and Maintain a Budget

For many, a college budget won’t be able to cut it. You will soon be faced with new expenses and new bills you may not have had in school. Now is a great time to create a new monthly budget taking into account any new or unforeseen expenses. You may want to start by evaluating current bills and any bills due in the near future. When you know where your money is going, you can see where you can cutback, which can be used to help pay back loans as well be to put money aside.

Understand Your Loan Repayments

Upon graduation, you may want to consider contacting the providers to get a total understanding of your loans. This means knowing who the loan is with, the repayment terms and how long you have to back the loans. Other important information to ask is how much you owe toward the interest and principle and if there are any repayment options available to you. Fully understanding your loans and how to get help with your student loans will make things easier on yourself.

Learn to Network and Network Often

Networking is a skill you can take with you from job to job. It helps you build relationships, stay current on trends within your industry, and helps you improve your overall communication with other professionals. Networking expands your professional reach and can help you find leads on job openings.The more people you meet the more you can learn. Consider attending network events and start building relationships!

Don’t Move Out Until You’re Ready

Of course, it feels like you are going backwards when you are forced to move home to live with your parents after being independent for so long. Try not to look at this as a step backward! If moving back home is an option, it can open opportunities to help you pay down debt and increase your savings and establishing or increasing your credit score.  Consider waiting until you have a steady income and your budget allows!

Save For Retirement

While saving for retirement may not be a college graduates biggest priority right now, know the earlier you begin saving, the more time you have for your money to grow. This doesn’t mean you need to start maxing out retirement funds your first year working. Consider starting slowly, even a small percent of your salary saved per year will make the difference in the long run. Many wish they would have started saving earlier – take their advice!

Keep Learning

Even though you may be finished with college, this doesn’t mean you should pass up an opportunity to increase your knowledge or learn something new! Don’t wait until you get the job. The right webinars, seminars, and classes can teach you skills you can use in your career. Impress your interviewers by telling them all the extra effort you’ve been putting in to learn everything you possibly can about your field!

Congratulations on your recent achievement! Now don’t forget to have a little fun! If you’re in a position to take a trip, you may want to consider it! You may not get the chance when you begin working full time! What other tips would you give a recent graduate? Feel free to leave your comments below!

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