How to Restructure Merchant Cash Advance Debt

merchant cash advance restructure

A merchant cash advance might seem like an easy way to get fast financing for your business. But if you aren’t careful, it could turn into a headache. Or worse. If it’s becoming too difficult to keep up with MCA payments on top of all your other bills, a merchant cash advance restructure might be […]

Do Business Loans Affect Your Personal Credit?

do business loans affect personal credit

As a business owner, it’s often necessary to borrow money to fund your company and cover major expenses. But do business loans affect personal credit? And if so, how can you ensure that a business loan doesn’t impact your personal credit score negatively? Read on to find out. Do Business Loans Affect Personal Credit? Your […]

How a UCC Attorney Can Help Your Business

ucc attorney

If you took out a merchant cash advance (MCA) or other form of business financing, you might have a UCC lien on your business credit reports. UCC liens are common. However, they can present some challenges for your business, especially when it comes to borrowing money in the future. A UCC lien can also cause […]

What Happens with a Merchant Cash Advance Breach of Contract Lawsuit?

merchant cash advance breach of contract

As with a small business loan, a merchant cash advance (MCA) involves a contract between you and your provider. If you stop making your payments, it could result in a merchant cash advance breach of contract, and the MCA lender could sue you. Dealing with merchant cash advance legal issues can be a pain for […]

Is a Merchant Cash Advance a Loan?

is a merchant cash advance a loan

Although both merchant cash advances and traditional business loans involve receiving and repaying a sum of money, they are not the same thing.  How Does a Business Loan Work? Business loans are a form of financing for qualified businesses. They’re provided by banks, credit unions, and other approved lenders. Companies use business loans to pay […]

What Is a Merchant Cash Advance?

white couple working in store on tablet

A merchant cash advance is an alternative financing option for small business owners, particularly those that don’t have a good enough credit history or haven’t been in business long enough to qualify for traditional business financing. But while a merchant cash advance may have an easy approval process, the cost might not be worth it. […]