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Personal loans shouldn’t be a personal problem.

What is personal loan debt relief?

When someone takes out a personal loan, it’s usually to consolidate debts, take care of an emergency, or fund a large purchase. Unfortunately, between high interest rates and unexpected circumstances, not everyone can pay it back. At Tayne Law Group, we’ll work with you and your creditors to reduce your personal loan debt. We’ll answer any questions, so it’s a stress-free process, and in the end, you have your freedom back!

Life happens

Common causes of personal loan debt

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Legal Matters
(Divorce, loss, etc.)

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Success Stories

Who benefits from personal loan debt relief?

People who benefit the most from personal loan debt relief have some things in common. If you’re struggling with any of the following, you’re in the right place.

  • Paying off your unsecured debt would take several years
  • You don’t seem to have anything left after paying bills
  • You’re in cycles of consolidating debt instead of just paying it off
  • The debt is rising faster than you can pay
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To learn about our personal loan debt relief program, call (866) 890-7337.
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“We’ve been awarded the ‘Best Debt Consolidation Service’ for 9 years running and are accredited by the Better Business Bureau.”

How it works

  • Schedule your free consultation

    When you speak with a staff member, they’ll ask about your situation and discuss a monthly payment based on your budget, the amount of debt you have, and how fast you can pay it off.

  • Make the first payment

    After you make the first payment, we’ll reach out to your personal loan lenders and let them know you’d like to resolve the debt. From this point on, if any creditors call, you can tell them you’re working with us.

  • We’ll help resolve your personal loan debt

    This process can take anywhere from a few months to a few years, depending on your debt and the lender. As soon as we get a deal that makes sense, we’ll make a settlement and walk with you until the debt is paid off.

Call to learn about the difference debt relief can make, (866) 890-7337.
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Why people choose Tayne Law

A debt relief law firm

Personalized Program

Every situation is unique. We’ll work with you to find a solution that resolves your debt and frees up your cash flow.


You make one low monthly payment and will never get an unexpected bill.

Experienced NY Debt Attorneys

We have more than 20+ years of experience providing clients with debt relief.

Confidential & Trusted

As a law firm, our attorneys follow strict client confidentiality. Our services are discrete and effective.

Work with Creditors

We work with all creditors, whether you’re dealing with a collections firm, a national bank, credit union, or another lender.

How to get past personal loan debt

There are various methods our staff and attorneys can use to help you get past your personal loans. From restructuring and settling debt to reducing monthly payments or the interest rate, we’ve helped clients pay down their debt and even avoid filing for bankruptcy. Whatever the solution, our team members will keep you up to date and explain the process along the way as we work to resolve your debt.

Serving New York and beyond

Did you know we’re based in New York? While our offices are located in Long Island, Manhattan, White Plains, and Mount Kisco, our work doesn’t stop in the tri-state area!

We support clients from all around the US and even in other countries. Debt can impact anyone from any background. We simply understand debt and how to resolve it.

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People are asking

Sometimes, but we don’t recommend it. Debt settlement can be a good choice if you’re looking to drastically reduce your personal loan debt without filing for bankruptcy. Keeping records organized, navigating legal concerns, and negotiating with creditors can be overwhelming, especially when you don’t understand the process well.

Hiring an experienced, trusted professional to handle personal loan debt relief can save you time, effort, and stress. With over 20 years of experience negotiating debt in the industry, we’ve perfected a process to resolve debt and improve creditworthiness. From no hidden fees to straightforward communication with a team member familiar with your case, you’ll find the process easier than you thought.

If you’re considering debt relief but want to try something else first, some common do-it-yourself approaches to paying back debts are strict budgeting, debt consolidation, or creditor appeals. Since we don’t take everyone into our program, your free consultation includes discussing multiple ways you can lower your debt–there may be some you didn’t even know about! Call to speak with a team member and find out if you qualify for our services, (866) 890-7337.

Request a Free Consultation

From your first phone call with Tayne Law Group, you’ll notice a huge difference. We’re not a call center, transferring you to different companies for help. When you call, a person will pick up and talk to you. We are an actual operating law firm with team members dedicated to your debt relief process. You can rest assured that your debts are in reliable and capable hands.

Debt consolidation is when you have loans where you pay off multiple debts with one payment. Debt consolidation is a term that can include debt settlement, debt restructuring, or other types of debt relief.

Tayne Law Group does not offer consolidation loans. Simply changing one form of debt to another, such as credit card debt to a personal loan, doesn’t always resolve the issue or the challenges of paying your bills every month. We understand that each person’s debt situation is unique, so we take the time to get to know you and your debt and find the right solution, which could include debt settlement.

To get rid of your personal loan debt, we need to understand what’s going on in your financial life. That’s why we take the time during your free consultation to learn about your situation and give you an idea of which solutions you qualify for. Debt relief doesn’t have to be scary. Call us and find out how easy it is, (866) 890-7337.

Personal loans can be secured or unsecured, but they are a form of unsecured debt in most cases. Unsecured debt does not require borrowers to offer collateral that lenders can seize if you stop making payments.

Debt consolidation loans can hurt your credit temporarily. When a new account is listed on your credit report, it decreases your average account age, which makes up about 15% of your credit score. Typically, a hard credit inquiry is added to your credit report during the application, temporarily dinging your score. Finally, having a new account listed on your credit reports can lower your score since new credit can appear risky to lenders. However, if you stay current on payments, your score can quickly bounce back and increase in the long run.

Make sure that any consolidation or personal loans you take out will fit your long-term budget and financial plans. They can take years to pay off. Also, make sure you understand any fees–most loans come with fees, even if those fees are not charged upfront.

Sometimes personal loans are the right decision, but other times a good loan can become bad debt. That’s when you should give us a call, (866) 890-7337.

In our debt relief program, we negotiate with creditors to lower the debt you owe on your personal loans. Here are common personal loan creditors we work with:

  • CitiBank
  • Loan Depot
  • LendingClub
  • Upstart
  • Discover
  • SoFi
  • Upgrade
  • Marcus by Goldman Sachs
  • Prosper
  • OneMain Financial
  • American Express
  • And many more!

Call to find out if we work with your creditor, (866) 890-7337.

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