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Our firm's concentration in debt help related services includes:

Let us help you achieve your goals,  you may qualify to:

  • Pay your debts in one low monthly payment
  • Stop getting annoying calls from debt collectors
  • Change your credit status
  • Resolve your debts for a lot less than what you now owe
  • Get rid of high interest rates and late fees
  • Gain Financial Literacy
  • Learn to live without relying on credit cards

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Working with a law firm doesn't have to cost more!

The debt relief programs we offer are different, reliable and personal...

Our firm has a "no billing policy". There are no upfront costs, large retainers or monthly services fees. You will have unlimited access to our staff throughout the program including access to the attorney at no additional charge. A simple, single monthly payment based on your budget is all that is required.

Don't wait! Call us now! See the difference just one call will make in your life. It's free and there is no obligation. All information is confidential and will never be sold or sent to anyone at any time.

New York State Debt Relief Services

When times are tough and you're struggling to pay your bills, choosing to work with a local New York law firm can make all the difference. The Tayne Law Group works with people like you who are feeling the financial burden of their bills from the growing debt. 

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Leslie Tayne's Top 10 Tips to Avoid Bankruptcy

No matter what circumstance might have brought bankruptcy to you as a topic of discussion or thought, here are some tips to help you avoid filing. Read more...

We will create a special program designed for you and your budget.

Seeking the right debt relief is not easy. Debt can happen to people with the best intentions, especially during a time of transition. Deepening debt is common among those who have experienced change in their life and suffer from lack of funds to continue to pay current debts. We know that and we are here to support you and help you make good choices to get you through and beyond the debt help process. The Tayne Law Group is the New York State practice 100% committed to consumer debt resolution and bankruptcy avoidance.

We are dedicated to YOU and YOUR debt issues.

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