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Let’s talk about debt.

Tayne Law Group is a New York-based debt relief firm. We know that every situation is unique, and we’ll work with you to resolve your debt in the best possible way.

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Why people choose Tayne Law

A debt relief law firm

Personalized Program

Every situation is unique. We’ll work with you to find a solution that resolves your debt and frees up your cash flow.


You make one low monthly payment and will never get an unexpected bill.

Experienced NY Debt Attorneys

We have more than 20+ years of experience providing clients with debt relief.

Confidential & Trusted

As a law firm, our attorneys follow strict client confidentiality. Our services are discrete and effective.

Work with Creditors

We work with all creditors, whether you’re dealing with a collections firm, a national bank, credit union, or another lender.

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Understanding your debt is the first step

With so many options out there, it’s hard to know who to trust. At Tayne Law, our attorneys and debt professionals will partner with you to understand your debt and free up your cash flow. How can we help you?
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The Power of a Law Firm, Without the Big Cost.

When people think of law firms or attorneys, they tend to assume there’s going to be a big cost to pay. That’s not the case with Tayne Law. Unlike most law firms, we maintain a strict no-billing policy. We tailor an affordable payment to your specific needs which covers payments to creditors and any fees.

How our debt relief works

  • First, reach out

    Use our form to request a consultation, send us an email, or give us a call. The first phone consultation with our staff or an attorney is always free!

  • We’ll learn about you

    In the consultation, we’ll talk about your situation and find the best solution to get you out of debt. We’ll also discuss a low monthly payment that fits within your budget.

  • Make the first payment

    Once you make your first payment, all communications with creditors happen through us. It’s one less thing to worry about!

  • You’re one step closer

    From that point on, we’ll support your journey, help you understand your debt, and be there for you throughout the entire process.

To get started, call (866) 890-7337.
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We don’t count the hours

Our debt relief program has an open-door no-billing policy. That means you can call us, email, or come to the office, and we won’t send an unexpected bill. To make it simple for you, we work with you to come up with a low monthly payment. We also keep all of our services in-house. Unlike some law firms, debt consolidation, or debt settlement companies, we have a full staff ready to help when you need it most. For help, call (866) 890-7337.

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Hi! We’re Tayne Law

Since 2001, Tayne Law Group has provided people from New York and other parts of the U.S. with effective and affordable debt relief services. We’re passionate about helping clients understand their unique financial or debt situation and empowering them to resolve their debt in the best way possible.

Our legal group works differently than a “big-box” debt consolidation company. We take the time to understand your unique situation and personalize a program to meet your needs. Our debt solutions are confidential, reliable, and successful. We’re here to help you out of debt and back to the life you want.

Meet the Founder, Leslie H. Tayne

“My favorite part of working with clients is when I get to call at the end and say,
you did it.”

Our Clients Say

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Our services are made for you

Whether you’re dealing with credit card debt, business debt, a merchant cash advance, student or personal loans, our services are rooted in industry experience. Tayne Law Group concentrates solely on debt relief, and our commitment to the process has helped us discover the best tactics for debt relief and resolution. We’ll work to understand your unique situation and strategize with you for the best possible outcome.

Serving New York and beyond

While our law firm is headquartered in New York our clients come from all over the world. You can find our office on Long Island in Melville. Wherever you’re from, our team will provide the best debt solutions for you.

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We check all the boxes

Many companies provide debt settlement or consolidation, but some of them have been known for scams. As a law firm, we’re held to a higher ethical standard and always work for your benefit. If you’re ready to take the first step, request a free consultation.

When choosing a debt relief firm, make sure they:

  • Aren’t pushy or asking for a fast decision
  • Don’t charge unexpected service fees or make any guarantees
  • Work with all creditors, not just a few
  • Can handle your situation if it becomes a legal issue

People are asking

When you have a consultation with one of our debt relief attorneys or staff, you’ll get a quote for a monthly payment. It’s calculated using the total amount of debt you have, your budget, and how quickly you want to pay off your debts. Once you make the first monthly payment, the process begins. Read More

Our clients often describe a great sense of relief they experience when working with us. When you’ve got an award-winning law firm on your side, with years of experience, you can rest assured we’ll do everything we can to lower your debt.

Our open door policy ensures that you can call us or email any time, and it’s all included in one low monthly payment based on your budget and debt amount. That way, we can be there for you and answer any questions you may have. About Tayne Law Group

Debt solutions are all of the strategies we may use to get you out of debt. We provide solutions for all kinds of debt, including: Credit card debt, student loans, personal loans, business debt, and merchant cash advances. If you’re being sued, have a judgment against you, or your bank account is frozen, give us a call. Our Services

Oftentimes when someone is struggling with debt, they think bankruptcy is the only way out. At Tayne Law Group, we know bankruptcy isn’t the right path for everyone and have designed our debt relief program to be an accessible alternative to bankruptcy. Read More

You didn’t even realize you were sued, and now all of a sudden you have a judgment against you. This can be very frightening and stressful, as you may not know who to turn to for the best possible help in resolving the judgment or lien. Read More

Tayne Law Group has helped many clients with merchant cash advance (MCA) debt. We frequently work with MCA creditors to resolve debt on behalf of our clients. Contact us for a free consultation to discuss your case and learn more. 

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