Preparing Financially For Winter

With the sun still shining, it is hard to even imagine that winter is just around the corner! That said, the warm weather shouldn’t keep you from preparing for the cold months ahead. When you consider snow storms and removal, heating bills and holiday shopping, winter can prove to be the costliest time of the year. Luckily for you, I’ve complied these four easy ways for you to save money before the first snowflake even hits the ground:

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How Much Will College Really Cost You?

College is expensive, this isn’t news to anyone, but just how expensive will it be for you? After taking financial aid, grants, and scholarships into consideration, the exact cost of your education might get a little blurry. Thankfully, the vast majority of US college’s are required to have a “net price calculator” to help students and their families estimate what their costs might be. An online college calculator helps to compare the costs of different schools and see what out of pocket costs you’re responsible for, relative to the amount of financial aid you receive.

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Sharing Credit and Your Credit Score

Whether you’re looking to help your child, build credit, or simplify you and your spouses finances, sharing credit can be an incredibly helpful tool. However, most of us aren’t entirely aware of the added responsibilities shared credit accounts can bring. Luckily, I’ve collected the three most common forms of shared accounts and will show you exactly how they can affect your credit score. 

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Financially preparing for the next big storm  

You never know when the next big storm will hit so it’s never too early to start preparing for a natural disaster! As you may know from these kind of life altering events in the past, it’s crucial to be prepared. As part of that preparation you need to get your finances in order. When such an event occurs you’ll thank yourself for organizing your finances ahead of time and breathe a sigh of relief knowing what procedures and decisions are in place.

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Don’t let your kids after school activities break the bank!

Extracurricular activities are important for a child’s physical and social development. These activities help to build confidence and skills to carry throughout their lives. Important as it is, it can be hard to keep up with the financial obligations that come along with your children’s activities.  Sporting equipment, instruction and all related expenses (such as uniforms and shoes) can add up quickly over the course of the year. While these extracurricular activities can be costly, you can plan ahead to reduce expenses related to these activities.


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