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Oct 6, 2015

The Ultimate Guide to Cheap (or Free) Halloween Costumes!

Struggling to come up with a fun but frugal Halloween costume? Well look no further! Chances are, you have the pieces to a perfect costume just laying around your house, all you need now is a little inspiration! So, to help lend a hand I’ve compiled a list of a bunch of great DIY Halloween costumes that won’t break the bank!    Girls/Women  80’s Chick What You Need: Neon colored clothing (shorts, shirts, skirts, whatever!), leggings, leg warmers. ...

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Sep 30, 2015

3 Things You Would Never Expect to Affect Your Finances

When it comes to finances, people rarely like being caught by surprise. That’s why many of us work so hard to discover what things can have an impact on our financial wellbeing. Knowing how your credit utilization, savings habits, and other factors have an effect on your finances can help you maintain stability and peace of mind. However, while a solid understanding of personal finance topics can be helpful, it won’t shield you completely. There are numerous things out there that can...

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Sep 22, 2015

How to Eat Like a King in College for Less

College is expensive, there’s no doubt about it. From books and commuting costs, to tuition and dorm fees, there seems to be endless expenditures and not a whole lot of opportunities to save. However, one area that you can save some of your hard earned money on is food expenses. So, to help make college more of an affordable experience, here’s four things you can do to eat like a king in college for less! 1. Grab Yourself a Rice Cooker for Easy Meals One of the easiest...

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Sep 15, 2015

Fun and Frugal Fall Activities

It might be hard to believe, but fall is almost here! While it might be a bit of a bummer to see summer go, there is still plenty of fun to be had during the autumn months.  But, if you are under the strain of a tight budget, it can be difficult to partake in fall fun without breaking the bank. Luckily, I’ve discovered four great activities that will allow you to enjoy fall without spending a ton of your hard earned cash! 1. Take In The Scenery If you’re looking for a super...

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Sep 8, 2015

Celebrity Debt: What We Can Learn from the Mistakes of the Stars

While celebrities have the talent to make money, some severely lack the ability to keep it. Whether its poor purchasing decisions, failing to recognize their limits, or just plain stupidity, celebrities are just as prone to falling into debt as you or me. Here are three examples of celebrities whose debt problems could’ve been avoided with some simple financial planning:   1. Nicholas Cage During the 1990’s and early 2000’s, Nicholas Cage was spending money like...

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Sep 1, 2015

How to Overcome Military Family Financial Challenges

With unexpected moves and the possibility of overseas deployment, military families are faced with some interesting obstacles when trying to save money and plan for future expenses. Thankfully, there are some simple strategies both service members and their families can employ to help overcome their financial challenges. Below I've provided some simple tips to help military families boost their cash flow, improve their financial well-being, and keep their financial future...

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Aug 25, 2015

How to Protect Your Digital Identity and Assets After Death

As people continue to integrate the internet into more and more aspects of their lives, the greater the chance that they’ll live behind something of value online. Whether it be personal information or some form of actual currency, knowing how to properly handle your digital assets can make sure that your identity and legacy remain intact. Here are some examples of how you can protect your identity and digital assets after death.    Social Networks and Public Information Depending...

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Aug 17, 2015

Are You a Financial Procrastinator?

Are You a Financial Procrastinator? Nothing has the ability to ruin your financial wellbeing faster than procrastination. Whether it’s making late payments on a credit card, letting your monthly bills pile up, or putting off your next big savings goal, ignoring your fiscal responsibilities could spell doom for your financial livelihood. Luckily, there are some simple tactics you can employ to help you avoid turning into a financial procrastinator.    1. Don't Put...

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Aug 11, 2015

Can You Minimize a Financial Risk?

We’ve all heard the old saying “the greater the risk, the greater the reward”, but what we often fail to acknowledge is the flip-side of that little adage. While you might stand to receive a massive payoff from taking a risk, the chance of failure is just as real. This can be particularly worrisome when it comes to financial risks; not many of us would be able to endure a big financial setback. Thankfully, there are some things you can do to minimize the danger when taking financial risks.    1. Knowledge...

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Aug 4, 2015

5 Gadgets That Can Actually Save You Money

If you're in search of new ways to save around the house, look no further! I've come across a number of money (and time) saving tools that can help you significantly cut down on your home energy costs. So, without further ado, here are five gadgets that can actually save you money! Bobble Filtered Water Bottle Whether it comes from a bottle or the fridge, pre-filtered water can cost a fortune! Filtered water bottles however, can be filled virtually anywhere and provide you with the...

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