Financially preparing for the next big storm  

You never know when the next big storm will hit so it’s never too early to start preparing for a natural disaster! As you may know from these kind of life altering events in the past, it’s crucial to be prepared. As part of that preparation you need to get your finances in order. When such an event occurs you’ll thank yourself for organizing your finances ahead of time and breathe a sigh of relief knowing what procedures and decisions are in place.

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Don’t let your kids after school activities break the bank!

Extracurricular activities are important for a child’s physical and social development. These activities help to build confidence and skills to carry throughout their lives. Important as it is, it can be hard to keep up with the financial obligations that come along with your children’s activities.  Sporting equipment, instruction and all related expenses (such as uniforms and shoes) can add up quickly over the course of the year. While these extracurricular activities can be costly, you can plan ahead to reduce expenses related to these activities.


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photo credit: flickr user Steve Spinks

Pre-approved vs. Pre-screened Credit Card Offers

It may not seem like there’s much of a difference between a pre-approved versus a pre-screened credit card but the differences are subtle if you read the fine print. Before you sign the dotted line for any credit card make sure you know and understand the terms of conditions.

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Back-to-school shopping tips you need to know!

Are you ready to go back to school? There are only a few weeks of summer left, and the back to school sales are in full swing! Back to school costs, including school supplies, clothes, shoes and electronics make up the bulk of the $669.28 the average family will spend this fall, according to the National Retail Federation. For college students, that figure ticks up to $916.48 per family and can include items such as dorm furniture, bedding, and school supplies.
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Tips to Handling Debt Collectors

What is a debt collector?

A debt collector is someone who collects past due debt that is owed to a creditor. Debt collectors don’t always have the best reputation and if you possess debt, it can be rather easy to for your debt to fall into the hands of a debt collector. A recent report from the Urban Institute suggests that over 35%, or 77 million, Americans have debt in collection, with an average debt amount of $5,178.
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